Thursday, April 16, 2009

the month is april

in the best year of my life.
and guess what?
i Dont really k now.
one things for sure.
im not gona sulk. haha
i work at a pretty good job. and im fucking it up by being the scatterbrain that i am.
it sucks to think i may lose this job before i really get to show them how much of a help i Can be. idk man
i make iiight money thats for sure. and im pretty damned happy in life.
and then when awesome shit occurs, i have to be reminded that im alone. everyone has someone.

i dont need ANYbody. not you either. but ill be damned if i dont prefer someone to share my happiness and success with.

so yeah! this is an update of where i stand as of 4/16/09
sofar the fastest year ever eh.

i cant wait to someday look back at this shit and just be like damn..
im a fan of nostalgia.

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Anonymous said...

u should upd8 mre