Wednesday, August 23, 2006

so page 10...

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questions have popped up about whats on page 10....
well america....i guess thats up to you now..
ill take 20 questions from the people that post them in this this blog, and ill post a newer one answering them, what do ya think?

Saturday, August 19, 2006

i met my flippin uncle warren G yoe!!!

i met an uncle i knew i had but nvr knew in person today TOTALLY ACCIDENTALLY! my uncle red and my uncle warren G walked into dominos HAD NO IDEA I WORKED THERE! i was that unkle red? DAAAAAMN so im talkin to red and hes like u know who this is right..i was like.....*looks into that negro's eyes* im like..................warren g? he was like WHUUUUT ive only seen u in pictures man. i was like WHUUUUUUUT ive only seen u in pics too! HAAAAA shits nuts and we talked for like 10 min and i gave em a FATTY ASS discount on there shit son. that was my day lil nig

Monday, August 7, 2006

yehp its 350 am..aug 7, o6 im laying to my dog..whom is snoring. i wish i were in her state of mind..zZz presented with another confusion process..i think im starting to have feelings for this person again..and im not gona go into that because i have a thing for doin that..feeding my ppl a grape and keeping the rest of the bag to myself..and not eating any.there i go again..speaking metaphorically. anyways..tomoro is monday america..the start of another week. will anything interesting happen? who knows! thats my plans just do whatever comes 1st..although i do actually have plans for wednesday night thru thursday night..2 different events..yeh thats anotha subj. moving on..i want a female america. im tired of just 'playing around' yi know? its actually old..i dont enjoy it as much anymore..O SHIT!!!!!! when i say playing around i mean with female friends not with myself. eff that. anyways yeah.
i'd say its time Dan-O got some lovin..(3rd person) he has a person or 2 in mind, that he wouldnt mind some lovin from..but prolly aint gona get any in a million(end of 3rd person) i sounded like a dog there..<-7/10/06- i dun like anyone at the moment..but VERY hott ppl work at hco.. =]]
so yeah..i got hired at hollister co. part time impact..7 an hr. ppl are taking it a little bit more seriously then just doin it so i have at least a little income ya know? its been almost a whole year since dominos..and imm runnin out america..ill admit. im down to my last 2. and its time for a new phone. haha so yeah. moneys money fool. and this job doesnt require standing in the sun for..all day. haha gota love i just in a total different state of mind right now. im not really "me" like i can snap outa it, and be finished typing but then ill return to my sleepless night over thoughts about a person. IM SOOOOO THRU! but im not really. what can i say..its xxxx<--bad 4 letter word.<-re-edit-7/10/06- haha anyways
uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.......401! haha its only been 10 minutes..its that nonsense that makes life. haha i really do love life i just dont like that word..haha yeh
so i wonder if anybody will actually read this..this one has a few interesting points that i kept on the d/l but left easily coded to be cracked..maybe the right person will get it and life can take a sudden turn and i. ok yeah. uh..
HEAD FOR THE HEELS, THE KITCHENS ON FIRE! haha i dig motion city soundtrack..took 3 years of knowing who they are to kick in..but hey, im a fan right? hah..yeh..i wasted my time typing this huh? haha its all good. my business is out there for the public..not something i do OFTEN ya know? im giving to the community..the ones that wonder "what the hell does he think" haha man, when ppl ask me that..theres just no way i could ever begin to mind is so....i dont know! haha its not normal though..i think ive figured out the normal mind..and normal varies on the type of person..ok here i go gettin all psychological.....O DANG! maybe i should be a psychologist..or maybe not.
406 and im leaving with these words of wisdom..........................i dont have any at the moment america.. but dont worry. i'll have some in a few hrs.

if you actually read all of efing awesome. your a true buddy and you truely are bored and maybe you should get a life? just playin! you can be lifeless with me! haha l8