Tuesday, November 21, 2006

November 21, 2006

Villain'll hold the mic like he's mean and his tummy hurt
In a clean pair, ripped jeans and a bummy shirt.
america america america...
whats going on with 'the celeb'
btw i made that up. im not serious when i say it. im not that into myself nor that arrogant..i just think its funny when i say 'bitch, ima celeb!'
annyways..im listening to madvillain - monkey suite off chrome childern..
shits ill son. haha doom all capitals no trick spellin. HAA thats so nuts..anyways..
so yeah..its 155 and i just feel like blogging..but i cant really relay whats on my mind at the moment because..well theres nothing of high priority or i feel i should share so publicly.
so yeah..i shaved today. haha gotta love it! tameila came over yesterday and shes all 'damn man...you look all grown n shit. iono what it is besides the mustache..but you look older man..' and i was like..damn..all i had was some meat but nothin..yi know nothin wild! owell i look 18ish agin..i think? haha and yeh... ooh announcement. im goin back to dominos.. weekends. yayuhh. i dont see why not? its easier then hell and 6*16=96 b4 taxes. and its 35 a week to fill up the tank! haa so ill have a little food gouda under what i should get at abercrombie which goes to the car..haha annd im gona turn in this app to the sony store via forum shops..and i dont really expect to get it but life would be cool if i did! haha yeh..
so yeh..my names dan for the day and dan is so dastardly he's at his dirtiest while doing the damned dishes..duhh..hahahahhaha 0o0o ima rhymin oreo mixmaster....ok im wastin your time but im sure your not on your way out the door because if you were then you'd leave this shit open for when you get home! haha
so yeah.. word to the wise..look b4 you leap baby.
i miss the (vo)tech..along with all the wonder folks that became a part of my life there including ms mary.................
......ok well i kinda dont miss her since last time i seen her she booted my ass with no hesitation. but yeah most everybody else hellaa.dude formal was sat..heard it was bombass. im glad it went well and they dont have to issue refund checks. haa and i may go to a dance this year (there are 2 left) and i aint wearn no tux so that leaves one. haha but we'll see about that eh? yeaaah buddy. that'll be a night! ive got some new moves..i call it..'cosby style' cuz we all know.. cosbyness is next to godliness..besides cleanliness.
piece up v-town down my friends. til next time
thank you for reading. youve done your deed for the day

Monday, November 6, 2006

new bloggy

its been a while huh. a month and some change since i last blogged.......
not much much has changed..im not really in the mood to blog. but i know that ive been needin to post a new one because i'll have all this material right b4 i go to sleep and im just toooo tired to get up and type for ten minutes.
one thing im gona tackle here.
the apple story:
in the beginning of october.
i had a group interview at apple

towards the end of the interview. she says
be sure to have the 28th thru the 31st off. they're 8 hour training days
and so i was like. so were like..hired? she said yeah pretty much. just make sure you get all the papers and emails sent so we can get the process done and out of the way for the end of the month.
it felt too good to be true.....

whole month passes!

the 23rd i call and ask if everything is still on for the training start..he says yeah be here the 28th at 8. dont be late.
i was just like..shit..so awesome. im ready..
i was so anxious

saturday the 28th... i arrive at 8 and im standing at the closed gate chillin for about 5 minutes..this dude walks up and is like "can i help you?" i sais yeah! im here to start the training.. hes all..uhhm. let me go ask whats goin on. and he comes back a few minutes later. and he had that look on his face like "dont kill me man" and says "yeah..theyre not starting new hires today..but call back around 10" i was just like.....................damn
so i sleep. and call back around 2. and suzann tells me that shit went wrong and blah blah and to be back on tuesday(nov 2) for a 2nd interview.....
i was just like..damn. ok
tuesdays interview...i dont really know how to explain anymore how perfect i felt about this interview.. im just not gona express! haha.
well anyways....brent tells me he'll get back to me by late next week. i told him i'll be waiting.
i get this letter saturday from apple-fashion show pretty much saying they didnt pick me and to re-apply.
the end.

i wrote "rejection" on the envelope and hung it on the wall next to my desk.
im thinkin for motivational purposes. it was just one of those things that popped in my mind 2 seconds before i tore it up.

im thinkin ive figured out the why to my singleness.. but im not in the state to discuss it in the right words..so i may come back to this blog or just make a new one..it isnt nice though. haha
so yeah...
shits dry right now..i am once again unsatisfied with whats goin on in life
i blame the females and lack of pay from my current employment position
moving on
marvel ultimate alliance...BEAUTIFUL game along with story! well worth the $40.

i havent stated anything vital..or any words of wisdom yet..
kinda sucka..im fulla that shit when asked

i miss people..

this blog is now pointless...
but im gona continue to type. because i never know when i'll conjour up another one.
i think ill be attending the panic at the disco concert with jacks mannequin and bloc party.
im in it for the jacks mannequin. but i'll prolly stick around for panic. they put on a good show.

duude i just found out motion citys coming with with the format...but the rejects are headlining....ew
moving on..
i want that sony ericsson 810i. but i be broke as a joke homie!
owell ill get it in lfe. which consists of the next 3 weeks!
which btw. Fuck life!
ill live it anyways