Monday, October 29, 2007

what is october 2007?

the month of october has been.........what-the-fuck
not evin in a bad way...
just wow man..
everything from friends to fam to work to school to emotions to ~company~
im so fcked..
ughs..maybe im better off alone...YEAH RIGHT!
lets take a minute to watch lupes 'dumb it down' video

his styles pretty cool..
and its pretty Bomb how he can talk with his hands..
haha w0op

moving on

im actually gona go thru with this tv america

i Gotta get somethin from eli's magic before hes gone...
that mans like the black father i never had. hahaa i told my moms today..i look up to the man though..its pretty cool..
so yeah my room's gona be THAT much better! haha Rad.

im mad tired man.. but this song by lupe is somethin else..and im talkin to my april..shes fly.

the day is now monday the 29th..3:05 am, and my ticket is due by today or else im a felon...haha the check was mailed yestaday so its whatev thank god for postmark n shit
wow..i havent blogged in a few

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
that there is where i am at on the wall of photography..i like the thought of it...just all the pictures that i feel deserve to be on the wall is gona go on. fck organization and fck making sense. you'll like it if your not shallow..haha you'll like alot of things about me if your not shallow..i dont know alot of shallow people..but then at the same time i know enough to fill that quota. haha owell though.."to each his own"

i want more money..and it sucks the associate reviews at work are goin on and ive only been there since june and you have to be there a minimum of 6 months..
theres no 60/90 day probation period deal..theres no benefits til l8r on..that place Sux..but the people are awesome. haha its so funny that a maJority of the people there say the same..'i hate this place but..its fun' little do some of them know that most of the rest of the store feels the same way. haha shits like a fam..we keep eachother goin everyday..its cool to be a part of..also good to provide some comic relief..just further inspiration to take up professional comedy of any type..blah
im sick of school..haha 1 class right? fck it wanker. im tired of that one class.its not hard or anything..its just inconveinent. i Hella dont have the drive for school.i hella realized the other day that damn..ALL through high school, and even after. i Didnt plan on going to wasnt that i didnt want to..i just..didnt care.i wanted to graduate and live..and im doing it!
with the addition of school.
and one SO fine with me. to hell with anyone whom looks down upon it. im not gona front and break myself for the satisfaction of..You?
(you isnt referring to anyone in spacific..just the public)

owell..ash is in town..its so cool to see her now that she doesnt live here. haha
i wana go to cali alot..but ccity is sucha cockblock on everything in life. hahaha but fck it..i can always take the time off..if i were more of a planner.haha i totally dig on the spur of the moment dig..tonight woulda been a good night to do off tomoro and tuesday damnit.but i would really like to have a gps deal goin..calis confusin as shit. haha

wow..its 3:23 and im still typin doesnt feel as good though..writing feels so good now..its amazing i really dont know much comes out thats randomly awesome.. the word 'beautiful disaster' comes to mind when i look at my writing.. it has so much writing with such little meaning..but some of the meanings behind them are just shy of amazing..haha
maybe i should write..maybe i should do stand up..maybe i should..
Live..haha fck it.i wana see ny

brooklyn more than other parts..but my time will come.

yehp..still typing n shit. haha
SO tired man.........

so ive been debating lately..kinda wishin i could go back to september where i made one helluva kinda wishin i could see how turned out had i chosen the path opposite of the one i took..but oh well right?
fck it all just type
and buy 32 inch tv's for 400 dollers. haha
gnight my fellow americans..

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
^ one of those "greatest nights of my life" dealio's

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket happy :/

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Essay 2

so its pretty trashy...i read uninterested. haha

but fck..its too late for revision and all that. its 4:50 am.

class is at 9..which is when its due haha.

i love baby.i only have 1 class too!


here ya go my fellow americans..haha







The Significance of the Adoption Process..:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

Adoption isn't as easy as just applying for a child and receiving them in 10 to 20 business days; there is a little bit more to it than that. There are many steps to the adoption process that include the procedure of applying to become an adoptive parent, and the issues/controversy surrounding adoption. Although there are many other steps in the adoption process, those are some of the points that I feel people should know a little bit more about than what is already known acquired through common knowledge.

The adoption process consists of choosing the type of adoption which can be done either publically or privately. When done publically, you have to go through an agency that is funded by the state or a 3rd party organization. If the adoptive parents choose to adopt publically then most parents will receive assistance in the process from the state's Department of Social Services, or the Department of Family and Children Services, included in the assistance are training and education on what to do and the outcome of the situations that can and will occur. As oppose to a private adoption which doesn't involve an agency. A private adoption is done through an attorney or a facilitator where they have to hire a lawyer for themselves. In this process the adoptive parents have more control on the outcome of the adoption process and the decision on whether the birth mother can or cannot be in touch with them.  Next is deciding whether they want an open, closed or semi open adoption. If the parents choose an open adoption then the birth parents have the option of meeting the adoptive parents before they choose to place their child with them. If the birth parents are comfortable with the family then the relationship may grow even after the adoption is finalized. The relationship can grow more personal and include visits, phone calls, exchanging letters, pictures and or e-mails. The adopted child can meet his/her birth family and communication is as open as the parties involved decide together. At the age of 18 the adopted child has complete access to their original records.

If the adoptive parents chose to have a closed adoption then the record of the biological parents are kept completely secret.  The adoption of an older child whom already knows their biological parents cannot be made closed. This used to be the more popular/traditional type of adoption before the use of internet and other means of tracking a person down. The semi open adoption is basically the agency letting the parent see the progress of their child without any contact.  After the process of deciding on how the parents want to go about adopting comes the more personal phase of the long adoption process.

After all of the fuss of being setup to adopt a child, the next step in the process is to complete a home study. The home study is a report for the courts and the adoption professionals to determine whether the parents could provide a stable environment for an adopted child. The elements that are included in a majority of home studies include the following:

·         An Autobiography: Consists of a brief overview of the parent's childhood experiences, family relationships, their marriage, employment status and personal interests?

·         A Personal Interview: The social worker will have a one on interview with each parent alone, and then one with the both of them together. From the interviews the social worker determines if a stable living environment can be provided for the child.

·         Background Checks: They check each parent's criminal record and or any claims of child abuse.

·         Health Status: The status check of each parents health from a physical examination performed by their routine practitioner to determine if they have a regular life expectancy.

·         Financial Statements: The social worker reviews their annual income, savings, liabilities or debts, and overall net worth

Those are the 5 steps of the home study portion of the adoption process that occur most. Some steps are added or subtracted from the procedure depending on the state, agency or the social worker.  If approved then the parents have to wait for a placement.

        After the long process of finding an agency or attorney, and then completing the home study, comes possibly the most difficult component in the adoption process, which is waiting for a placement. The time that is spent waiting on placement depends on many different factors of the type of child their adopting varying from the race, age, to mental and physical health. Adopting a child of a different race greatly reduces the waiting time of being placed.

Once everything in the extensive process of becoming an adoptive parent, and receiving a new child into the family is complete, the adoption is finalized and official after the parents receive full legal rights and responsibilities of the child. Full parental guardianship is acquired after the biological parent's rights have been terminated, the child has lived in the home for a minimum of 6 months, and the social worker has submitted a recommendation of approval, a judge will finalize it all by rewarding the adoptive parents with full guardianship.

Things may seem great after everything is finished but the problems can only start to occur once the child gets older and develops a mind of their own or is easily influenced by the wrong crowd. Being an adopted person myself, I completely understand how easy it is to have question or concern about how and why I am where I am now.  Most of the more popular issues that most people are familiar with when they think of problems with adoption are what they see and hear in schools, and in the media, in some situations teachers' lesson plans have to be slightly altered because they include activities that involve the child drawing their family tree and or even tracing their eye color back through their parents and grandparents to see whom they inherited them from.  When it comes to the media it is an ongoing dispute on how adoption is represented as unfair. Or in most cases in television or film, the adoptee spending a majority of the program searching for their biological parents; in both cases the feelings and thoughts of the adoptee are dumbed down and one participant group is favored, ignoring the two other participants in the adoption process, thus leading to younger kids to teenagers having the wrong perception of the way adoption really is.

Another instance of an issue in adoption is the term "adoptism", which means to have the conviction that goes against adoption like the belief that adoption is not a legitimate way to build a family, and the belief that adoptees are defined throughout their lives by the fact of their adoption, and the assumption that the individual's abilities come from their family's abilities, and the attitude that all abilities are "inherited" rather than learned.    

One of the more serious issues with adoption is the disruption of an adoption. Disruption is what most people call the ending of an adoption before it is legally completed thus potentially being able to cause the child to suffer from reactive attachment disorder, and the parents suffering from social stigma. All in all it is a completely negative situation but the fact that the parents were approved for adoption after all of the tests and studies that were run does not mean that the adoption will go completely as planned.

So when it comes down to it, those are just a few factors to consider while still thinking about adopting a child and providing them with a different life than what is considered "normal"  in today's society.

 :D 1296/1250..success baby


so this evanescence cd is so amazing..why didnt i ever buy it!!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

who’s up for some excitement?

you wont find it here!
here i am in this type...
and im blank.
the car ride home tonight i gave myself a headache, thinkin about everything.....
fuck it all-
i bought a pen and a little memo book..the small cutsie ones that ppl carry around to jot shit...
well im gona become a Master Jotter..hahaha nah
but i Do have 80 pages to write what i want..
because i think im gona make it a private one...
yi know..where it says "private stay out" on the cover n shit..haha that girly shit from the movies..i dont care.sometimes i think of some 'poetic' shit..that some ppl just dont read with the right mind..

im listenin to twistas 1st..."Adrenaline Rush"
shit takes me back to 11th grade..haha what a year.

fuck i still have a headache..
caused by me..
haha so is that self inflicted pain?
haha right..

so im pretty bummed that life is not conveinent right now..
and in the midst of all this "bullshit" <--(the only word i can think of to call whats goin on in my 'life')
i find myself wanting to speak to my biological mother....i only call her that publically..
i call her mom when i refer to her..shes actually a quite amazing person at times too..
shes 24-7 bullshit..i dont evin know the last time something good happened for her?
but damn..shes still alive man..she still calls me when she gets the chance..i guess shes over takin care of my sisters n shit at the moment..she dont have a job i dont think? but i understand..keep them from killin eachother..haha both bein 30+..
she lives to day..ive got my problems yes..i cant just shake everything off in my life because theres always someone going through worse..fuck that. i am something diff..but nothing amazing..i am only human.
im tired of explaining stuff anymore..i wrote something today in my new trusty handy dandy notepad..
"the lack of _________ship in my life is driving me to a fucked do i know?
cuz ppl are starting to notice..
i dont talk about my problems america.
the shits just unnecessary. so of course i shake it off..
i have told 2 or 3 ppl my problems..
i got 0 help..
not that i was looking for help man..
i take care of that myself..i was just sharing to......test i guess..
actually a co-worker of mine is pretty good with "advice"
i like having him around for that..
haha cuz when i tell ppl my problems..i normally tell them the solution and then inform that i was just sharing because i felt it was necessary......(i know im talking in circles..fuck it) but yeah..

this phrase has occured alot lately "why are you such a know-it-all?"
im not..i promise!
i just think before i say..thats all..evin when it doesnt seem like it...i do

wow....i still have this headache..
and theres still so much on the mindwave..but im just not going to share..

thus making this a pointless blog...
one day ill have a good one! haha i promise...things cant stay bland forever..

i think im being played with?
owell though..sometimes its fun to analyze