Tuesday, February 3, 2009

i am a patient person

i am patient so that i will receive the things that i feel i deserve in life..
i was patient to find the one that made me happiest.
and everything was perfect.
everything about it.her.us
the struggles only gave it all a reason..
i never thought id have to watch her be happy with someone else bcause i thought that i made her happiest...
it hurts so goddamn bad to be wrong.
ill never be good enough.
its so crazy man.
its depressing in so many ways..
why am i not worth the effort.
i try so hard to be different. and just..right.
but its wrong man.
im not ever going to change who i am and
that can only mean that ill remain the Resistible.
the one worth letting go.
the best friend one could ask for.
Danny Ray

why arent I worth fighting for?
worth being in love with