Thursday, December 28, 2006


by far the best year of my life..
damn near perfect i'd say. i gained and lost alot.
its life. but this much life has happened..i kinda dont wana move on. if i could i'd SO repeat o6..if i had a 2nd go at it. everything would be perfect, as against it as i am. theres a few things i wouldnt mind changing relationship/friendship/life choice wise..but its ok! 'everything happens for a reason' i guess..haha ppl use that to get thru drama. haha ill call it a pacifier..
anyways . to everybody that is in my life at this point or has been or evin aquaintances. thank you.
i appreciate everyone in my life.
this blog has turned into one of those sappy thank you speeches.
but fuck it. haha what i have socially is something most ppl wish for or evin dream about.
anyways. for no reason..and hopefully a job that i wouldnt mind working at..hell a callback would be nice also. haha thats a diff note..
yuah. this year ive been closer to my parentals more then ever and im glad cuz you never know what you have til its gone. well i know what i have and im enjoying every moment i have with em.

ive also pretty much in this 'life' thing alone. which ive known that yi cant really rely on anyone or anything but yourself when it comes to satisfaction in life. im very accepting i learned early in life from the bio father that its not the best to build your hopes up. its garbage if theres letdown and if not then its 10 minutes of bliss and life goes on. no depression or nothin im just stating how i see the situation of 'building your hopes up'

my fucking space bar isnt fucking working! its killing me!!!!!!

anyways. haha yeah ive learned SO much this year its hella crazy..i feel like im set for life but i know im not theres always so much more out there but right now...ppl have no idea..haha for the last few months..ive been playing ppl mentally..its out of control..sounds bad but not saying im superior or nothing..but i ts wild..everybody around me is so predictable..its become.....i dont know..a challange? to see if they prove me wrong. i dont get proven wrong often. but im gona explain what im saying here..90% of conversations i have with ppl now..nothing is new. only words are different..barely reactions and meanings and sarcasm and simplicity and emotions..i see it all b4 it happens..which is why i most of the time say the right things. im gona admit it. i tell ppl what they want to hear. mostly females. but its because i'd rather avoid the guilt trip or the arguement or the question 'why' because i dont feel i should have to go thru that over and over again when a little white lie or evin a rightly worded no will work.
i dont know how ppl will take that but thats, hate it or love it either way its real. if it made any sense

also another thing ive learned about myself..
i know how to lie. now its not something i do. but if its serious and benefits whatever im doing it for..then ill commit to it. now when i say commit..that means i really have to consider doing it before i do it. cuz when i lie. im consistant with it.
if i lie to you. you wouldnt know.
i tested it. i told one of my darkest secrets to a friend. and she was soo suprised. i then told her i was kidding.... my secret has become a secret again
and it'll be that way forever.
the end.

i feel asif i'll be seen as psychotic for stating the past few things that i have above...haha fuck it! haha

randomness.....ive become prolly one of the most random(est) person you know as of now..i noticed myself..shits crazy i do what comes to 1st sometimes w.o consideration..i do it because spices thigns up. ya know? as i stated above..things have become pretty predictable so if i see an oppertunity to change it up a little. im gona take it. the end

i feel i have leaked enough for the -not dan-(the public) to know..

but im gona go into one more thing..
relating to the 'im in this alone'
another thing ive tested on my friends..everyone minus me.needs someone to talk to. me being that person that understands everything basically because i put myself in your position and understand where your coming from whats happening and how your feeling..i can understand. shits awesome. i feel useful..
but for the life of me til recently and back to now. i dont talk about what goes on with me..
this person asked me today (via txt message) why im not a close person..
i told her its a waste of time to get close to others..i feel that way because well..i dont see a point in talking about past present or future events in my life because its boring..i dont remember my past ON POINT, my present life is always boring and my future well...i dont talk about that anymore because shit changes minutely and unless you have an rss feed on may not find out until a month after its happened (hense the abercrombie hollister affair)
anyways.. i Dont tell my feelings..because well..i already know what your going to say. and when you say it (not speaking towards anyone in general) you sugarcoat or tell me what i want to hear. and i myself..*im my own worst enemy* i like that quote because well im more real with myself before anyone else. therefore i dont need to hear your little pep-talk that'll lead me offense or anything

as a matter of fact
i hope none of this blog period is taken offensive. im just getting stuff out to the public..i mind. haha

yeah. i love my cat.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

friends do come and go..

sometimes you just cant help can do what you can..but if the others just too busy..or has other priorities that are bigger then've no choice but to let em go eah? no theres no 'just try harder' for me. i did what i could and if its meant..they'll come around and if was fun. haha ya know? i mean yeah you go thru alot and sometimes cant imagine things w.o that person..but damn haha if theres nothin much you can do other then force there attn..then you just gotta let em go.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

currently pursuing happy(i)ness

pursuing happiness..the movie pursuit of happyness..SO good..i really cant explain..but one thing i will pointed out that in the dec. of independance
you have the Right to Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
now i underline the word right and pursuit because have the right to life and liberty..those 2 things are entitled to don

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Is it time america?

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is it time to go?

should i cut it or keep it?
cut it!
keep it!
omg get rid of it!!
keep it! keep it!!

Thursday, December 7, 2006

Fcuk Censory

but yi know.. i do it.
im discluding myself when i say 'we' here..
we as humans cannot handle the full on truth. and i think its rediculas but its a way of life.
i keep it real but to an extent. and that extent is my conscience knowing how they'll take what i have to say. and so i alter my words.
its a shitty reality but what can i for public censory..i hate it but it sux because we Have to do it.. without the blurring of some words or actions or there would be a lawsuit.. lawsuits are fucking garbage. shits not evin serious anymore. i wont go into that. i dont evin know where i was at..
all in all not complaining. just expressing

censoring your words for a persons feelings is garbage.
the end

its hard to keep my head up

i have that unwanted feeling..
i cant get a job that i want. they dont want me
i cant get a girl i want. they dont want me
and whoever hears about my rejection or denial..
they make me seem like im the superior..
well..shit man
somethins gotta givee. before i do..
i love my friends.
all of them..but damn..shits hard. i just want a job man. something that i feel i'll enjoy working at.. image..brookstone.
hell i'd Settle for kinkos/fedex or abercrombie..
but fuck.
what am i doing wrong man?
same with females..
what the fuck is wrong with isnt me according to every damnd one. all of em. 'your a great guy, you'll find the one' do you not realize that you and the next person tell me the same thing.
effin think about it. if all girls are saying it. then who the fucks going to take the damn risk?

melody did. i fucked up i wish i could go back, we'd have something damn near perfect..but i learn from my fuck ups Mistakes..just dont do it.

but unlike some ppl out there that dont deserve em i dont get 2nd chances..
in some cases A chance. (in general)
because they dont wana lose what we have..why not take the risk man. ok im too important to risk..but man come on man. i dont fight i aint jealous. im random. im fun. parents like me.
you can only have so many best friendships..

but never worry..something america wont see is me with my head down..down on luck.. im like a role model to people. 'your always on top' 'never down' 'you always see the brightside' ppl see that and they go off that 'if he can, i can'
i must stay posi..

Saturday, December 2, 2006

ya know..

when you have that relationship where you just go to there house at any time
say hey to the parents and they love you. and then go lay in the bed with her and just chill for no reason..
both of the families get along well..
where everything is good. you know eachother inside out and know that you'll prolly be together forever..and your ok with it.
when you can just do what you want and know theyre not gona overreact because they know you well enough to know that you wouldnt do anything to hurt them..
almost like a cory&topanga but not so hollywood..

if i had that..
ill keep my head up..i always do..sometimes it feels like i just shouldnt anymore? but thats not me.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

November 21, 2006

Villain'll hold the mic like he's mean and his tummy hurt
In a clean pair, ripped jeans and a bummy shirt.
america america america...
whats going on with 'the celeb'
btw i made that up. im not serious when i say it. im not that into myself nor that arrogant..i just think its funny when i say 'bitch, ima celeb!' listening to madvillain - monkey suite off chrome childern..
shits ill son. haha doom all capitals no trick spellin. HAA thats so nuts..anyways..
so yeah..its 155 and i just feel like blogging..but i cant really relay whats on my mind at the moment because..well theres nothing of high priority or i feel i should share so publicly.
so yeah..i shaved today. haha gotta love it! tameila came over yesterday and shes all 'damn look all grown n shit. iono what it is besides the mustache..but you look older man..' and i was like..damn..all i had was some meat but nothin..yi know nothin wild! owell i look 18ish agin..i think? haha and yeh... ooh announcement. im goin back to dominos.. weekends. yayuhh. i dont see why not? its easier then hell and 6*16=96 b4 taxes. and its 35 a week to fill up the tank! haa so ill have a little food gouda under what i should get at abercrombie which goes to the car..haha annd im gona turn in this app to the sony store via forum shops..and i dont really expect to get it but life would be cool if i did! haha yeh..
so names dan for the day and dan is so dastardly he's at his dirtiest while doing the damned dishes..duhh..hahahahhaha 0o0o ima rhymin oreo mixmaster....ok im wastin your time but im sure your not on your way out the door because if you were then you'd leave this shit open for when you get home! haha
so yeah.. word to the wise..look b4 you leap baby.
i miss the (vo)tech..along with all the wonder folks that became a part of my life there including ms mary.................
......ok well i kinda dont miss her since last time i seen her she booted my ass with no hesitation. but yeah most everybody else hellaa.dude formal was sat..heard it was bombass. im glad it went well and they dont have to issue refund checks. haa and i may go to a dance this year (there are 2 left) and i aint wearn no tux so that leaves one. haha but we'll see about that eh? yeaaah buddy. that'll be a night! ive got some new moves..i call it..'cosby style' cuz we all know.. cosbyness is next to godliness..besides cleanliness.
piece up v-town down my friends. til next time
thank you for reading. youve done your deed for the day

Monday, November 6, 2006

new bloggy

its been a while huh. a month and some change since i last blogged.......
not much much has not really in the mood to blog. but i know that ive been needin to post a new one because i'll have all this material right b4 i go to sleep and im just toooo tired to get up and type for ten minutes.
one thing im gona tackle here.
the apple story:
in the beginning of october.
i had a group interview at apple

towards the end of the interview. she says
be sure to have the 28th thru the 31st off. they're 8 hour training days
and so i was like. so were like..hired? she said yeah pretty much. just make sure you get all the papers and emails sent so we can get the process done and out of the way for the end of the month.
it felt too good to be true.....

whole month passes!

the 23rd i call and ask if everything is still on for the training start..he says yeah be here the 28th at 8. dont be late.
i was just awesome. im ready..
i was so anxious

saturday the 28th... i arrive at 8 and im standing at the closed gate chillin for about 5 minutes..this dude walks up and is like "can i help you?" i sais yeah! im here to start the training.. hes all..uhhm. let me go ask whats goin on. and he comes back a few minutes later. and he had that look on his face like "dont kill me man" and says "yeah..theyre not starting new hires today..but call back around 10" i was just like.....................damn
so i sleep. and call back around 2. and suzann tells me that shit went wrong and blah blah and to be back on tuesday(nov 2) for a 2nd interview.....
i was just like..damn. ok
tuesdays interview...i dont really know how to explain anymore how perfect i felt about this interview.. im just not gona express! haha.
well anyways....brent tells me he'll get back to me by late next week. i told him i'll be waiting.
i get this letter saturday from apple-fashion show pretty much saying they didnt pick me and to re-apply.
the end.

i wrote "rejection" on the envelope and hung it on the wall next to my desk.
im thinkin for motivational purposes. it was just one of those things that popped in my mind 2 seconds before i tore it up.

im thinkin ive figured out the why to my singleness.. but im not in the state to discuss it in the right i may come back to this blog or just make a new isnt nice though. haha
so yeah...
shits dry right now..i am once again unsatisfied with whats goin on in life
i blame the females and lack of pay from my current employment position
moving on
marvel ultimate alliance...BEAUTIFUL game along with story! well worth the $40.

i havent stated anything vital..or any words of wisdom yet..
kinda fulla that shit when asked

i miss people..

this blog is now pointless...
but im gona continue to type. because i never know when i'll conjour up another one.
i think ill be attending the panic at the disco concert with jacks mannequin and bloc party.
im in it for the jacks mannequin. but i'll prolly stick around for panic. they put on a good show.

duude i just found out motion citys coming with with the format...but the rejects are headlining....ew
moving on..
i want that sony ericsson 810i. but i be broke as a joke homie!
owell ill get it in lfe. which consists of the next 3 weeks!
which btw. Fuck life!
ill live it anyways

Saturday, September 23, 2006

runaway love

its 208 and im blogging..why? no spacific reason. im tired and not alone..uh
this song "runaway love" by ludacris..its so beautiful.. this is danny ray's world. a car, a job and my balls..
and then you have family and friends.. im sitting here. staring at my 19 inch, liquid crystal display (lcd) suckaface.
i wana be someone diff. for a day...
someone that has a shitty life and is depressed..just a then i can say ive walked in there shoes..hell or evin someone with nothing but money and no happiness.. or maybe someone whos on top of the almost there. im think i only need one thing to put me on the know how that goes america. haha. yeh..blah
blog-online journal-entertainment for the outside world that wonders-timekiller-hobby-part of life-a place to just type.
why would i randomly insert that? pff. why do i do have the stuff i do thats random? because!
runaway love, na na na
i think i might have lost my phone america..i dont really know..
tonight sucked actually after work..
i dono what happened it just did. i got home
reese was parked in the driveway so i couldnt get in, i had no way of getting a hold of anyone to maybe hang tonight,nothing was on tv, there was no activity on myspace, everyone was one to evin talk mc donalds sucked..the frys most def werent cooked and my hot n spicy...just wasnt what it was..
after i was finished eating..i was sitting watching tv and i just..seen myself in the same place..for the next few years to come. that would have been depressing if i'd let it get to me that way. but i decided not to when my night took a sudden turn. i just told myself "shit like this happens to people everyday..its just my turn" so hopefully i'll wake up tomoro to a brighter and better day full of..something. dont really care what just as long as it doesnt turn out like tonight. haha so yeh..i dont really want to go to sleep..i would actually like for..eff it. haha and yeh..i wish i had some cream soda jelly bellys at the moment..goh. i wonder how many words ive typed in my lifetime..i think it'd at LEAST be in the billions..nah eff that it isss! haha random..tantrum..ahah. yeh...
my hairs an ugly mess.
i miss people

Saturday, September 16, 2006

people ask.. (--this blog makes no sense to me..--)

what the meaning of life is.....
im not the knower of all, or god anything..
but life...
fuck life. it isnt something you figure cant define life..
life: is
thats it
life is life. you live it.
thats life in general.
YOUR life. thats something YOU figure out and YOU live it the way you hope it goes. but there is NO way in hell your gona know whats gona happen tomoro. thats not life.
shit happens on a day to day basis.
it isnt gona stop for anything. its not hard to learn at all. its just obvious.
shit may happen tomoro..shit may not happen until everything is going perfectly. or it could happen at the hardest of times. but its gona happen and your gona have to live with it. theres just no other way..i mean sure you can cry to mother. she'll always be there right? day she wont..some dont realize that. im off subjectish..this blog is pointless..but i see/hear people ask
"whats the meaning of life" or "i cant figure out my life". there aint nothin to figure out man. you have major things and small things. if any of those things are bad,pointless,bland,hard. fix it. WAY easier said then done. hell not tooo many things are HARD to do. unless you make it.. BUT! your only human right? ov course. we all are. we all make mistakes and life goes on.

im cutting this blog short/ive run out of thru typing this blog. i feel asif this may offend some..who? i dont know. it isnt aimed at anyone in general america. but it shouldnt offend.
it isnt structured at all..neither is my mind. haha anyways.
i may delete this sometime tomoro..depends on how i feel about it l8r.

its 9-23-06 and i say fuck this!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

so page 10...

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questions have popped up about whats on page 10....
well america....i guess thats up to you now..
ill take 20 questions from the people that post them in this this blog, and ill post a newer one answering them, what do ya think?

Saturday, August 19, 2006

i met my flippin uncle warren G yoe!!!

i met an uncle i knew i had but nvr knew in person today TOTALLY ACCIDENTALLY! my uncle red and my uncle warren G walked into dominos HAD NO IDEA I WORKED THERE! i was that unkle red? DAAAAAMN so im talkin to red and hes like u know who this is right..i was like.....*looks into that negro's eyes* im like..................warren g? he was like WHUUUUT ive only seen u in pictures man. i was like WHUUUUUUUT ive only seen u in pics too! HAAAAA shits nuts and we talked for like 10 min and i gave em a FATTY ASS discount on there shit son. that was my day lil nig

Monday, August 7, 2006

yehp its 350 am..aug 7, o6 im laying to my dog..whom is snoring. i wish i were in her state of mind..zZz presented with another confusion process..i think im starting to have feelings for this person again..and im not gona go into that because i have a thing for doin that..feeding my ppl a grape and keeping the rest of the bag to myself..and not eating any.there i go again..speaking metaphorically. anyways..tomoro is monday america..the start of another week. will anything interesting happen? who knows! thats my plans just do whatever comes 1st..although i do actually have plans for wednesday night thru thursday night..2 different events..yeh thats anotha subj. moving on..i want a female america. im tired of just 'playing around' yi know? its actually old..i dont enjoy it as much anymore..O SHIT!!!!!! when i say playing around i mean with female friends not with myself. eff that. anyways yeah.
i'd say its time Dan-O got some lovin..(3rd person) he has a person or 2 in mind, that he wouldnt mind some lovin from..but prolly aint gona get any in a million(end of 3rd person) i sounded like a dog there..<-7/10/06- i dun like anyone at the moment..but VERY hott ppl work at hco.. =]]
so yeah..i got hired at hollister co. part time impact..7 an hr. ppl are taking it a little bit more seriously then just doin it so i have at least a little income ya know? its been almost a whole year since dominos..and imm runnin out america..ill admit. im down to my last 2. and its time for a new phone. haha so yeah. moneys money fool. and this job doesnt require standing in the sun for..all day. haha gota love i just in a total different state of mind right now. im not really "me" like i can snap outa it, and be finished typing but then ill return to my sleepless night over thoughts about a person. IM SOOOOO THRU! but im not really. what can i say..its xxxx<--bad 4 letter word.<-re-edit-7/10/06- haha anyways
uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.......401! haha its only been 10 minutes..its that nonsense that makes life. haha i really do love life i just dont like that word..haha yeh
so i wonder if anybody will actually read this..this one has a few interesting points that i kept on the d/l but left easily coded to be cracked..maybe the right person will get it and life can take a sudden turn and i. ok yeah. uh..
HEAD FOR THE HEELS, THE KITCHENS ON FIRE! haha i dig motion city soundtrack..took 3 years of knowing who they are to kick in..but hey, im a fan right? hah..yeh..i wasted my time typing this huh? haha its all good. my business is out there for the public..not something i do OFTEN ya know? im giving to the community..the ones that wonder "what the hell does he think" haha man, when ppl ask me that..theres just no way i could ever begin to mind is so....i dont know! haha its not normal though..i think ive figured out the normal mind..and normal varies on the type of person..ok here i go gettin all psychological.....O DANG! maybe i should be a psychologist..or maybe not.
406 and im leaving with these words of wisdom..........................i dont have any at the moment america.. but dont worry. i'll have some in a few hrs.

if you actually read all of efing awesome. your a true buddy and you truely are bored and maybe you should get a life? just playin! you can be lifeless with me! haha l8

Friday, June 16, 2006

soo.. you wont see my (biological) mother at graduation

"My mother gave birth but she really never had me"
Your World / Common

because she doesnt deserve to go. let alone i would ACTUALLY be embarassed if anybody seen her. im not evin ashamed of her. she should be ashamed of herself. i couldnt understand how she thought she deserved to go to my graduation..what has she done to deserve it? i have friends that have been there for me more then her.friends that are more responsible then her. and shes like 50. man-o-man its hard keeping it real for me. because when i do it always tends to be a bit final. which is the the truth behind the saying "people cant handle the truth" i know its worded diff. fuck it. anyways when i tell her why i didnt want her to go to my graduation. my ass has a list
she doesnt deserve it
she should be ashamed of herself for evin expecting to get one
it would embarass me. the fact that people know who she is
shes not my mother. shes the woman that had me
annd. fuck that. she wouldnt show up anyways. she cant evin come over to my house when she says she will.
annd fuck that. i just dont want her to go. and no im not being a bitch about this. ive thought about this for this whole year. and i could have easily done the "right" thing and given her a ticket. knowing she wouldnt show up. but to hell with that. ive weighed it out and it didnt work out to her favor america.

like omg im SOOO excited about graduation

SO effing excited that it'll be the last time i see some of these people that ive known for 4 years. im not excited. my excitement faded away in the 10th grade. when i REALLY met 80% of all my friends. how can you look forward to..prolly never seeing some of them again?
i mean yeah graduation..yeah. 12 looong years 12 years of hard work and stress and pain and some drama and alot of fun. yeah i can dig that..but thats that thats 12 we still have life to worry about. so graduations no phase for me..but instead im not excited about it..maybe it STILL hasnt hit me...but then its had 12 years up til NOW 12 hours away. to hit me and it hasnt. oh well though. things change from here huh..

Saturday, May 20, 2006

so its 3:01am 05-20-06

im lieing here..silently typing on my coolest laptop ever with 90% batter life..
i think that im thinking..i hate doing it because it just makes me realize...stuff that i dont like to know about myself that i already its more of a reminder. in ultra tired mode right now..everything is moving fast around me..its kinda scary kinda weird..but very interesting ya know..its now like 3:05 last time i looked at the clock it was 301..the fan..its on the same speed as always..but i cant keep up with the blades..and the music..iono its faster then the norm..anyways.."this is your life, and its ending one minute at a time" and here i am. awake, and watching every minute pass. SOMETHING NEEDS TO HAPPEN! things are so boring...lately people ask me "so whats new.." ive come up with a cool answer.."same shit different words.." now im not complaining..its just..damn owell though i enjoy it i guess. one day it wont be there anymore (post june 16,2006) so why not enjoy the rest of it eh. 307 now and i feel that ive accomplished nothing by typing this..i doubt anybody will read this. hell its a waste of MY time and im the one typing it. damn that sounds depressing. oh well though im not im just bored. and slightly lonely? THATS a factor. yeh. so yeh. yeah. and i have 3 posters in myself..that have me in them. i get called conceited for them. but i dont care. im not really into myself much i just decide to make these pictures of myself because i dont really wana bother someone with my dumb photoshop ideas for free. damn fool its 3 fuckin 10....and 86% battery life..this battery blows and i have nothing ahead of me. tomoro...later on today actually..i bet i sit in this house and rot. it gets kinda old, but day i wont be able to do that anymore and ill prolly wish that i could do it again..fuck it.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

if yer a parta tha group..u should read

Group, alright here it goes...... Whether you like it or not we are ALL like brothers and sisters. We fight like them. we joke like them. we hang around and do absolutly nothin like them. we tease like them. and we love each other like them. U know how i said this whole not so close anymore thing would blow over once the winter is over... well, i still totally believe that!!! It's just I miss hanging out with everyone on weekends and after skewl n shyt! I liked goin to the mall n bein bored or goin to the movies and then the park or goin bowling (which we havent done in yrs). Our friendship is great and somtimes its harder to see than others but i dont know what i would do if i didnt have you all as my friends. life would be boring, lame, and no drama!!! lol i'd hate it. So even if u r in an argument with someone ask your self is it really worth it. See past the emotion you're feeling at that moment. What we have is Great and it def. wont last forever. I mean we r graduatuing in a lil more than a yr. :( Trust me you dont want to be one of those people who looks bak in ten yrs. and goes omfg i actually stopped hangin out with him/her because of that tiny ass thing.

Sunday, February 5, 2006

Overrated shit

-valentines day
-fast food
-HD (high definition)
-paris hilton
-jessica simpson
-blonde to black, back to blonde
-desperate house wives
-panda express
-fall out boy
-expensive clothing
-flava flav
-television in vehicles
-super cell phones
-the 'N' word
-having fun a certain way
-the government
-'bffe,bffl,bff period
-only dating a certain race,religion,type,size,etc.
-gangsta rap
-nano technology
-child support
-unneccissary discipline
-beef (feuds)
-american rights...
-sunglasses..that dont evin block the sun
-the spanish language
-metaphoric music
-superhero movies
-hell. hollywood period
-color contacts
-xbox 360
-counter strike
-Doonie n Burke/Doonies
-the word "cunt"
-napoleon dynamite

things i repeated. i repeated for a reason.

Monday, January 16, 2006

yepp. blog entry

has been.....blay. yeah blay. like...just..blay not exciting. no other expression can describe it other then blay..i needta drive so i can get out. but that wont happen til l8r this year. like summer. i got that confirmation when i drove home from votech n did a good job. so yeah. anyways..i dont really know what to write anymore. i like lost my inspiration to just type whats on my mind..............i hit da mall in my white tee o i think they like me. or they like my diamonds cuz they shine so brightly.

SO cliche'. when i think of the word myspace..the word cliche' comes to mind america.i know you know this. but its not on YOUR mind right now is it? hah blam gotcha bitch. haha anyways...i need some new music. im downloading motion city soundtrack..i hope i can get into them.i havent really had enough of fall out boy. panic at the disco. kanye west. killers. and taking back sunday..i just need somethin new yeah? i mean fall out boy n Panic! i cant really learn those songs..just there catchy chorus's. and killers n tbs. i know the words n all there just kinda old now..its time for a new cd from both!!!. and kanye...pfft ive outplayd that fool. but ill still bump.

haha anyways!!!!!! cliche' thats a pretty cool ass word. i was all watching oceans 12 and the dude was all talking to brad pits chic (catherine zeta. kristin looks like her) and at the end of the convo hes all "and tell him that the whole Sexy Assistant is SO cliche' " and he hangs up. and some sexy chic dressed in like nothing comes up and is like "need anything" and hes all 'yes baby a coke please?" haha that was like so awesome to me i dont know just made me chuckle.......

i wana make moves..i think that is what i want to do in life.. i dont really know how to get hella into that. but i wana make moves.from being in them to making the shits.. it's really been on my mind lately too. i dont really know what that requires to be the bigtime. but i'd like to make good money doing what i like and i like making movies...i think i could continue but im not sure if i want to. l8