Sunday, March 25, 2007

Multimedia message

Pete fucking wentz!

my home REALLY is

in my own head...

its going to be hard..and i dont believe that i can do it..but im going to have to move on..ive put so much time and effort into it..
i dont really want to do it..
but i thank god because well..gods the reason i came to the realization on my own..
in the long run man..
all you have is yourself.. ya know?
a million friends can make you realize something so true..but until you figure it out/face it yourself..
its not going to happen..


things arent going to change..

Saturday, March 24, 2007

i speak to my blogs

because well..its my chance to talk
and not be corrected
proven wrong
told what i want to hear gona name it my headphone
my headphones have no personality..
hell they aint evin real. therefore i can talk and not have to worry about any input
and i can make it so only I can read what i said...

im listening to GCH
travis mcCoy is a genius to an extent.
i'd like to hang out with him.

ive think im gona O.D on watermelon limeades bs
like in that one movie..............head!
when he had that dream and he threw up sand..
im gona just upchuck watermelon limeade..
hahahah YIKES! i'd say..

so yeah..its 10:57, Saturday March 24,2007 dear headphone.. and whelp
my day wasnt a waste..but not much was accomplished
i woke up..
then went back to sleep
so i woke up, then did the dan..(be random)
then went to ash's, its been a while since ive hit the place up when everybodys awake
and i came home to give morgan her ipod and help marvin with his psp
reese was present for the event.
i call it an event because was out of the norm for me and my house. it was pretty cool. lotta noise but worth it.

went back to ashs after the commotion and chilled for some. played with the fried ass yo-yo. the kid has like 5 yo-yos and 4 are broke and a piece of shit. haha so i left ashs in an effort of finding a cheap duncan yo-yo..
i turned up unsuccessful.
ohwell....i came home and waited til eric n alex called. cuz eric called around 3 and was like were gona come over after alex gets off at 5. i say ok.
5 30 i go grab some twizzlers cuz thats how i do...
came home and rode reeses bike around the block..hahahhhaah i did like 4 laps around the whole block in like 10 minutes. i was like damn

so me alex n eric hung out til bout 10 and here i am now..

u still reading folks?
cuz this ones for you..haha if you didnt notice this one isnt for the preferred.
i make some of the preferred because i dont feel ok with the public seeing a certain side of me. it aint monsterous or anything..but it just shows a side that isnt meish. not that im an act or anything. im just saying sometimes when im not as strong as i seem. you wont know it because some look up to the fact that i can keep my head up in some of the most SHIT of situations.. and when i let it out that my head isnt not ok with it. haha
yeh..this week was nutty but Definitely interesting. one for the books? iono either way its the most interesting one ive had in a while and im greatful for it all happening. evin the negative

so i sip my watermelon limeade and so calmly sing out of tune with this song by the format i come to realization that well..nothing..
thats it man..what is it to -me- ..Dan..the man with many names
its pretty interesting how i come up with so many names..i honestly dont sit n think of them all day. i have witnesses
ill be in mid bullshit conversation and be like 'you cant fuck with me! you know why? because im Dastardly Dan Do'er of Alll Evil Doing' and ill pause..and ill be like Ahhh shit! i love it. haahhaa yeh im a loser.
you love live with it. either way i aint goin nowhere.....that sounds SOO confident huh!?
i dont really feel that way..FULLY the love it live with it..thats the added confidence. what i had intended for that last part was 'oh well, i aint goin nowhere'...
so now im blabbinnn. 00oo shucks...

this is gettin oldish
-so as i...i come to realize that...-
i really like that..its just sucks that i never have anything fresh to put in so Plainly interesting..

so ive let my fingers do the talking for the last 20-30 minutes?

thank you for spending the 5 to read the lack of sense i feel that i make.
til the next public blog
have a good one mate

ps..FUCK allergies!!!

Thursday, March 22, 2007


is what i am..
i dont have a(ny) passion(s) and I think its a shame.
its a shame because well..
there are alot of things that i can do.. and i like doing most of the things i do..but none of them i feel i'd like to do for my life.
hell..thats not evin my problem man..i dont know what it is..its just sad that i dont have a Real passion to do anything and im not getting any younger..
and i just realized..i dont really want to type this anymore