Sunday, April 19, 2009

I'm SO Ready!

So ready for life yanno.
I mean its happening right in front of me right damn now. And I'm in NOO hurry for anything (the future freaks me out)..
I'm just straight up ready. And I'm so damned tired of hearing that I can have whatever I want.
Materialistically. Speaking, hella. I'm in control. Shit. I get myself whatever the hell I want, simply because I work hard for the nice things that I buy. That's simple.
But as far as....other shit.. Like a companion.. Its stupid. I can fight for someones interest, but shit yanno. Haha if theyr not interested then its simple.
Move on. Right?
Nah, its Never that easy.. If it were that easy, then the person wasn't worth the effort in the first place right? Haha yeah. Fckit baby
So hmm. Where am I.

I'm currently on some 20 and invincible. Playin life by ear, whatever happens happens.
Totally on some o7 shit, for sure. And that's where I like it...but the only downer to that is:
Its lonely at the top... And that's metaphorically speaking of course.. Don't get it?
Think about it... I have everything I need in life, but a preferred companion to share my successes with. It and it only bugs me because I have experienced life in that state and I loved it.. It was euphoric in a sense. But all that's over now. And the day is April 18th, 2009. A Saturday.. At 11:01pm and I'm currently walking into ash leif and chels apartment.. Its cool to see them doin alright on their own. Fckn radd. And now I have a 3rd sanctuary.

So yeah! I guess I've outletted. All in like 20 min from my cool Blackberry Bold :)

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