Tuesday, November 1, 2005

i think i want to cry..i dont know what the fuck right now man... its fucking weird and im fucking pissed/hurt/fuck i dont know what all im feeling but fuckin. im pissed at this very second. how the fuck would you FUCKING think i would evin think of messing with your fucking girlfriend. fuck this bullshit its the person i am and you knw what? im not gona change a goddamn fucking thing. you can fucking deal wiht it shit. fuck jealousy it'll just kill you in the end. its obvious! fuck the dumbshit. its so gay. how do you put someone in this situation. nothing was helped. the phone call just shook me up! it didnt help anyone in the end! fucking gay. u fucking grr i wont say anything i would regret if someone read this bullshit.FUCKING BULLSHIT! omfg so GAY. if jealousy is something you suffer from. then they should have something to fucking cure that shit. it only fucks you over int he end. believe me ive seen the bullshit enough times. yes im danny the fucking all powerful. ive seen it all dont tell me what the fuck i have and havent seen. fucking shit AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH i hate this bullshit. a 5 minute i dont know what the fuck it was. conversation? arguement? discussion? informant? either fucking way the shit was STUPID as shit. it proved that your a jealous fucking person. you let jealousy over power you! your an awesome person but FUCK! if EVER i thought you were flirting with my girlfriend, purposely? I WOULD SAY SOMETHING TO HER! FUCK THE DUMBSHIT! WERE BESTFRIENDS WHAT THE FUCK MAN FUCK THAT! this is starting to feel better.....but seriously. it hurts. honestly. how..and to tell me you've been having people watch me? FUCKING FUCK THAT SHIT! OMFG FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK THAT! that really pisses me off. im sitting here wondering who i can trust! what is that shit! fucking A "i thought we were cool man" FUCK YOU with that shit man. no thats stupid ass bullshit i would never say such a thing to you blaine or ANY of my good friends. that shit fucking hurts badly. seriosuly.it made me sick to my stomach. i just wanted to go laydown. fucking HAGGARD. right now. i am very calm on the outside. no one would ever know how much this has moved me inside. its so crazy. i worry right now. ive never been through this. i always give advice from the outside ya know? so i was giving myself some advice annd. 1st i was just gona blow her off yeah? that would make things way easier in the end. but you know what? fuck that. i aint gona do that to this friend. im sure there are some friends out there i could do that to ya know. how aweful of me to say but no honestly. BULLSHIT so it seems like im flirting. i have been told "thats just how you are" dude youve known me for what 3 years now? FUCK THAT you should know you should FUCKIGN KNOW KNOW KNOW KNOW! i would NEVER intend on anything like that! your probably sleeping right now. thinking "im glad i got that off my back" what about me man? i was maybe hoping for a call back. maybe saying "ha i was just kiddin man. i was bored..just wanted to see what you'd do" that shits cool with me. youve pulled some shit liek that before. not to that extent but your J the famous bullshitter..fuck this shit man

Sunday, September 4, 2005


hate it or love it u cant live with or without them america..so i say fuck it dog