Tuesday, April 7, 2009

sometimes you just need to vent?

but i really dont want to..
one shouldnt vent when not in the best of moods because then your thoughts will inevitably have a depressing overtone.
and thats not what i want right now..

life is cool right now. its the 9-5er with the extra frillz like a great surrounding of people.

but nights are a Bitch. haha
i stay around folks as long as i can. but there comes a time where you just gotta go home..haha thats where i live.
haha shit..
i am now watching the godfather...
i think this movie is my new fightclub..

its just a movie that i can watch and think about the things Missing from my life..
haha its a shame that i do it.

actually. no
fuckit. haha
it was taking that tone again!

im cool.
im layin here. watchin the godfather.
talking shit to my cat, and thinkin about rereading the long halloween.
its so fckn amazing man.
its how harvey dent became 2 face.. UGH! SO GOOD!
fuuuccckkk! the relationships and drama in that story are amaazing!
and then theres a sequal!

so im pretty fckn distracted.
and i dont like it.

my blogs arent cool anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
but ive realized that i dont have too much to look forward to. hahaha
i fckn have everything!
except a companion.

but i fck going into that.

my phone is perfect..haha its interesting. im actually Still comPLETELY satisfied with my phone.
haha damnit.
everything in my room is...cool.
i dont need anything.

i have a new camera and the picture game has improved. haha i havent shot in a few weeks..but i just havent had the 'itch' haha i havent spotted anything thats a Must shot!
so ultimately..
somebody marry me already.
hahahaha i love saying that!
i get the same reactions everytime! 'woow' 'hahaha pfff' 'haha your stupid fool'
haha but fuck son hahhaaha.

i have so much on my mind but nthn i want to speak about! haha
maybe im headed back to my demon days? nah nahh. haha jkish.

i need smthn new.i have issues standing still

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