Sunday, July 1, 2007

soo...its July 1, 2007 at 1:58 am

im not evin feeling the urge to blog..but its 1:58 and im talkin to my megan..
i'd hoped to be back in bed by 2..but i hate to end good im on til shes gone..

so im laying here..pretty alone. im finally satisfied and almost happy..
i really do love life. and heres some of why..
for the last couple months.. as you've prolly read. ive just been unsatisfied..the whole unemployment thing was KILLING me softly..haha i unproudly held my head up and thats just sad..but now im employed and i got my 1st feels so  just have money..that i earned at that. and pay for that damned car.. its aMazing..and the job is so easy..customer service??  its SOOO easy to just be me..and ppl love it. haha like..evin when i get an angry person..I dont care. they can do n say all they want..i dont care. there the one thats when they start in on me im just like over it do you wana help me help you?- i love that shit. hahaha
so alls well.. anerica..go back and read that.. but is it?
you'd better beLieve that theres still something killing me. haha fck perfection baby im all about wrongs.
so yeah..the dan life is great..until night falls..and i have nothing but me n my xbox..its so lame..everyone else has lives of there own.. there all somewhat content. and then here i am..Finally right but just not i dont evin Like anybody at the moment..thats so lame..i dont feel like whining about it anymore, evin though thats what ive been wanting to blog about..

so im listening to daft punk..
there so cool..
television.rules the nation.
so anyways..
what am i still doing up man...nothin!
i have a sleeping problem..hence the wish factor that i had someone to talk to in this down starting again..

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dude seriously!!??
4259 blog views..thats fckin nutz..
and my profile has like..50500 somethin views..haha ppl come! thats awesome..
so im thinking..since my birthday is(nt) coming up.. and i have a actually gona go to california. i almost went like 2 cuz i was out n about and i got my oil changed..and i have the money for gas..i didnt..for the simple fact that..well idk! haha i think i'd rather have my gps goin when the time comes

and its 300. so that's doable.. hahaha thats next on the wishlist..i made a wishlist at work the other still adding to it..but its stuff too look forward to/incentive to keep this job and keep churnin out full time shifts..(cuz im hired part time) shh!
so anyways yeah..
now would prolly be a good time to prioritize my list and price everything out..yess! haha
so your prolly wondering whats on that list? prolly not huh. but this is my blog so im gona tell you. hahaha

is the
tom tom go 510 gps navigator..haha as seen above
and then tinted windows
personalized license plate for natalie.
touch up paint for nats.
10' sub for natty.(maybe evin an 8!)
and then for the pc!
a whole new makeover minus the case
a new motherboard
and ram
and new speakers! for the pc..
and then after that comes an hd tv!
w0o0o and shit hopefully i'll have th computer shit done b4 that so ill be ALL HD'D OUT! and then ill take that room..
the hd setup i was dreaming up..
a good 20-25' maybe 30 if cheap enuf.
hd tv.
then hook the xbox to it, the pc, dvd player and mount that bitch on a wall..
that room would be the stop-n-shag of the year! HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH i thought that one off the top..
so after all that..
i Recently changed my biggest goal..
of the sony a100..
to a nikon d40..
i played with em both at ccity..and the d40 is Bitchin yo! the shutter is so..earcandy and the interface is way better then the sony..for once! sony has the sweetest interfaces..hence the psp,w810i and my new dsc T-20 along with a couple other sony items..its all eye candy..
buut the d40 is taking the cake.. and its Super light..lighter then the a100

haha ok..your prolly thinkin 'goddamn your money!' but thats the beauty of it! i mapped it out bitch! haha evin if i work 60 hr weeks im still alright with the car payment and $100 deposit into my savings..
financial life will be good in a couple months..
almost like the domino days..

speaking of the domino days.. my vickys Actually going to muthafuckin ELKO america..not carson city..not evin pahrump! or evin Reno!!!!!! ELKO!!! shes killin me man..but i gotta support..i love er. we have aLotta gona miss her..

so anyways..its 3am..and im still talkin to cuttin her off pc has gone into -tune.up- mode..which means everything slows down cuz windows live one care does the defrag, disk clean, back up, virus scan. ha its beautiful..
so yeah..heres your up-to date of July 1, 2007 3:00 am
bye hoecakes. thanks for reading..