Thursday, October 9, 2008

words of wisdom from someone out of there mind

fuck life.
just live.
fuck it baby.
if one minute you need to put gas into your car
and the next you just want to drive to destination B for NO fucking reason?
fuck it!
and then when you reach that destination, you just decide to turn around and head home.
fuck it!
and then!!! 2 minutes near the house, someone calls you that lives 30 more minutes away.
fuck it!

im not ok right now.
im not.
wana see how i look THIS SECOND! ??

technology is kewl~

but thats easy to say right?
cry for help. or even attention?
I DONT. as a matter of fact.
im over this shit im going to go get some attention.

leave me alone
and please.
no questions.
pretend you never read this.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Hey. the day is October 6th 2008

and its James LaRoo's birthday :) haha hes fckn 19..shit
him ash n ridge are all the family i need.
theyre there when i need.
i spend alot of time with em lately. more than i do with friends. but its one of those 'nothing else matters' when im with them.

alot has been goin on.
but im fine now.
i dont even want to talk about it because, done. haha

but anyways.

im finally doing it folks..


Flight: 1 Round-Trip Ticket
All flight times are local to each city.
Please check in with Delta Air Lines on the day of departure for your boarding pass.
For your boarding pass, use reference code PKCPDM for online or airport check-in.
Wed, Nov 5, 2008 Las Vegas McCarran International Airport, (LAS) to New York J F Kennedy International Airport, (JFK)
Depart: 06:55 AM
Arrive: 02:51 PM
Las Vegas, NV (LAS) to
New York, NY (JFK)

Delta Air Lines
Class of Service: Economy
Total Travel Time: 4 hrs 56 mins
Please check in with Delta Air Lines on the day of departure for your boarding pass.
For your boarding pass, use reference code PKCPDM for online or airport check-in.
Mon, Nov 10, 2008 New York J F Kennedy International Airport, (JFK) to Las Vegas McCarran International Airport, (LAS)
Depart: 05:00 PM
Arrive: 08:10 PM
New York, NY (JFK) to
Las Vegas, NV (LAS)

Delta Air Lines
Class of Service: Economy
Total Travel Time: 6 hrs 10 mins
Hotel: 1 Room, 5 Nights
Hotel Riverside Studios

New York
NY 10023

Telephone: 212.873.5999 (questions for this hotel)
Hotel Rating *
Check in: Wed, Nov 5, 2008
Check out: Mon, Nov 10, 2008

Room 1: Single with 1 Twin Bed ( 1 Adult )

oh goodness.. idk if i should go on, or just leave it alone like ive been doing..
but i did blog about this in the beginning of aug. and i want those to know (that were able to read it) thats not the reason im going. its not. i promise! but anyways

idk man. this is so for sure..folks dont understand me when it comes to being so Logical about things.. i cant be letdown here..
its actually going to happen :)
im so done with hurts. haha
but its all good. ive my tickets, room, shuttle and camera. and a $1500 "debt" :) haha im finally an american express member! haha age 20 baby i know i stated it in past blogs how my biggest 'plan' was to be an american express member. thats what i looked forward to like last year when i started this whole credit game..haha and now im there..
so what next yanno? whelp. haha
idk! fuck it. i dont do goals, and im done hoping.
what i need to do most, is go back to where i was a year ago. and im basically there! theres just a few things holding me back from it. but this solo trip to ny should help.
which is another thing, im going solo america.
for me. 'but its such a big city'
yes, yes it is.
but im done walking and driving vegas. theres nthn out here.
'so whats out there'
well..haha i guess ill find out! and take some pics. hahaha

im doing ok...
but at times. i get depressed man.
and i dont do depression.
nor do i do stress.
but i really cant help it.
before now..welll. before this year.
you all know me. all that shit was easy. haha, Word.
laidback lifestyle. nthn matters.
and then smthn happened, and now im working on going back to that.

im 20 with no life, is what ive been telling ppl lately.
yeah i do it to myself.
oh well! that doesnt bother me.
i do life my way fck off if you wana tell me that isnt good enough.
i burned out on doing the same ol shit that ppl my age do.
there arent too many out there that truely feel the same way.
thats ok, i spend time with them.

im still trying to figure out how im gonna do all this 'life' stuff alone.
i prefer it. operating at my own pace is that much better. just lonely at times. haha but hey, i was untouchable in the past. ill be there again.

i think im dwelling.
lets move on. haha

so yeh..
this quest for AT&T has grown comedic..
its s dieing shame. ive been thru 2 interviews and 10+ rejections.
ive nothing to lose. so i re-apply.
whhy not try a diff. company?
because i dont want to.
i loove at&t, and im not gonna front for a (VERY NICE) pay check..i'd rather it be natural.

so now im in the stage of conflict in considering applying out in ny..
like whatif i got it out would disgust me...haha i'd be out there by default! and the only reason im still out here is for what ive established in 20 years.
im proud of the body count that ive established.
i know alot of people out here man and it feels good to go somewhere random and just run into someone random that ive known and just be like damn, haha cool.
i love it.
but were in a Fucked time right now. haha like ashamed. i really wish i were born in the 70's son.
the world wasnt perfect then, but it was better than it is now. haha, just not as technically advanced..
but fuck technology! it keeps me goin.

so whats next in the tech world for dan?
still waiting for the


Blackberry Bold.
and other than that....
im lookin to make a purchase on that

Canon 40D!!!!!! soooo ready! haha
D40x is a good cam...for a start. but ready for the real shit now! hahaa
and the 40D provides that

which brings me to my next thought.
ive inspired people america!
amazing. haha i made up the 'role model' deal for an excuse to put on a happy front whenever im dealing with people. but ultimately. im just a person that gets over shit.
but yeah man!
ive a list :)
folks at work see my pictures and they want to do the same!
and im like shit, haha you can! and its not like one of those 'you can do anything you put your mind to' wankoff deals. because..well i wont go into it. haha im just gonna say at&t diminishes that thought.
but anyways yeah man!
hell i started out basic. and i still have a basic. haha word
but at work
and Josh.
i just got nader hooked up with a cam and hes doin well for 2 days. haha my first 2 days i just got to know my shit.
he's got pics son.
and kevin he's tried his hand at the slr game and he picked it up! hes in understanding.
i dont get much time with josh and matt, but ill get them taken care of eventually. these things arent point n shoot cheap! haha
but yeh man.
they come to me with questions about this shit and its so amazing that i can answer these questions and educate them about the shit that i do
i mean there are others that i work with like jim, that can teach em. hahaha but he teaches like a teacher..
you need a txt book to follow what he's spittin. which is cool man!
but i failed photography. hahaha so fck it.
human talk is cool for me.

so anyways.
wanna see the COOLEST COMMERCIAL THIS YEAR!!!!?????

i love them cats

so america.
today has been...
i slept last night with my door open because the weather is finally going to the happy place.
i just made 2 big purchases, one at American Apparel, and the other at Urban Outfittersss!
but i mainly shopped for ny! but thats a month away, annd i wont be able to hold off. hahahah WORRD.
gah man. i really wish i were at at&t
thats actually all that i want in life right now.
this year alone has been so...whackED that im just like wow. it aint over yet! hahaahah ya feel me?
its been 6 months since the death of my mother.
did you know she was buried on her birthday?
thats some kooky shit man.. but man..i do miss her more n more..i miss her annoyingness..
hahah she used to annoy the shit out of me man.. but in a beautiful way...
it wasnt beautiful then! but yanno..things change with some circumstances..
and id give anything to hear her Mumbling ass talk in 6 circles and then out of a barrel..
i swear she could go on all day about nothing :)
i know i can, and i like knowing that i inherited that.

but ill tell ya, its made my blood thicker... shit. i never thought i'd have to be there for my sisters like i have been this year. its not an issue, its just kinda...overwhelming.
im better off than they are, and im only 20.. it kills me to see that.
when i reach 30, struggle is something i wont do!
so i have 10 years to set the rest of my liife. haha but never looking back, or too far in front of me.
because its not worth it.

its 12:42p and im laying on my bed in shorts and a Beater! hahahhaha soo bummy! haaha but shit, its my day off! and im gonna get it how i liive.

i need a new ipod..

it freezes like MAD, and it dies now. haha i had a 6 hr shift yesterday.
and it died in 5. when i got this bitch in o6, maaan!!!! i swear it would play all day!
hahah All Day lookin boy. but anyways.
plans Going into this month were
*new ipod
*new blackberry
*use my amex card

as of 10-6-08
i have purchased
*my get away

i do feel that i need to blog more..
because i know this. im done talking.
ive spoken enough to my people, and ive been proven right, and issuing a blog is THAT much better, because no one ask's why.

whell...its been fun.
this blog wasnt as promising as the last one, but im currently living life a bit differently than Then.
but im still me. and that i promise.

love you all :)
til next time. stay classy