Friday, June 16, 2006

soo.. you wont see my (biological) mother at graduation

"My mother gave birth but she really never had me"
Your World / Common

because she doesnt deserve to go. let alone i would ACTUALLY be embarassed if anybody seen her. im not evin ashamed of her. she should be ashamed of herself. i couldnt understand how she thought she deserved to go to my graduation..what has she done to deserve it? i have friends that have been there for me more then her.friends that are more responsible then her. and shes like 50. man-o-man its hard keeping it real for me. because when i do it always tends to be a bit final. which is the the truth behind the saying "people cant handle the truth" i know its worded diff. fuck it. anyways when i tell her why i didnt want her to go to my graduation. my ass has a list
she doesnt deserve it
she should be ashamed of herself for evin expecting to get one
it would embarass me. the fact that people know who she is
shes not my mother. shes the woman that had me
annd. fuck that. she wouldnt show up anyways. she cant evin come over to my house when she says she will.
annd fuck that. i just dont want her to go. and no im not being a bitch about this. ive thought about this for this whole year. and i could have easily done the "right" thing and given her a ticket. knowing she wouldnt show up. but to hell with that. ive weighed it out and it didnt work out to her favor america.

like omg im SOOO excited about graduation

SO effing excited that it'll be the last time i see some of these people that ive known for 4 years. im not excited. my excitement faded away in the 10th grade. when i REALLY met 80% of all my friends. how can you look forward to..prolly never seeing some of them again?
i mean yeah graduation..yeah. 12 looong years 12 years of hard work and stress and pain and some drama and alot of fun. yeah i can dig that..but thats that thats 12 we still have life to worry about. so graduations no phase for me..but instead im not excited about it..maybe it STILL hasnt hit me...but then its had 12 years up til NOW 12 hours away. to hit me and it hasnt. oh well though. things change from here huh..