Saturday, May 20, 2006

so its 3:01am 05-20-06

im lieing here..silently typing on my coolest laptop ever with 90% batter life..
i think that im thinking..i hate doing it because it just makes me realize...stuff that i dont like to know about myself that i already its more of a reminder. in ultra tired mode right now..everything is moving fast around me..its kinda scary kinda weird..but very interesting ya know..its now like 3:05 last time i looked at the clock it was 301..the fan..its on the same speed as always..but i cant keep up with the blades..and the music..iono its faster then the norm..anyways.."this is your life, and its ending one minute at a time" and here i am. awake, and watching every minute pass. SOMETHING NEEDS TO HAPPEN! things are so boring...lately people ask me "so whats new.." ive come up with a cool answer.."same shit different words.." now im not complaining..its just..damn owell though i enjoy it i guess. one day it wont be there anymore (post june 16,2006) so why not enjoy the rest of it eh. 307 now and i feel that ive accomplished nothing by typing this..i doubt anybody will read this. hell its a waste of MY time and im the one typing it. damn that sounds depressing. oh well though im not im just bored. and slightly lonely? THATS a factor. yeh. so yeh. yeah. and i have 3 posters in myself..that have me in them. i get called conceited for them. but i dont care. im not really into myself much i just decide to make these pictures of myself because i dont really wana bother someone with my dumb photoshop ideas for free. damn fool its 3 fuckin 10....and 86% battery life..this battery blows and i have nothing ahead of me. tomoro...later on today actually..i bet i sit in this house and rot. it gets kinda old, but day i wont be able to do that anymore and ill prolly wish that i could do it again..fuck it.