Tuesday, April 24, 2007

wow..a double?

haha 12 hrs ago i was doing this...
my little blog tally thign sais i have lke 20 blog views today...
thats awesome! haha
today is a beautiful day outside and i have somewhat a project due tomoro on hip hop..im taking my time jazmyn is suppose to email me with whatev shes lookin up n what not. and im..down to do whatev. hip hop is simple to talk about for about 10 minutes..

so anyways. i havent blogged in like a month yo! if you check the method. hahaha so i guess maybe thats why ive churnd out 2 today.

i want a new room.
like frilz.
i want new posters and just..a new layout. i love my room. but bobs gotten old annd i want it to resemble me a little bit more...meaning that i need a few DIFF. posters of me..the ones that have meaning to them. annd i need to clean out all the electronic NONSENSE that means the dream cast..and a few other things..i just want a new feel to it. annd it smells like fuckin.. a GUY in here..thats the only thing that comes to mind when i walk in and smell..just..stuffy..guy. haha and i purchased fabreze but its not helping me out! it does for like 5 and then its over it. haha yeh..

sooooo i finally got the 360 from kys blackass and then i have to mail it in to microsoft so they'll fix it and ill have a new xbox! haha yay...

hmm what else is on the to do list..
i need a cup yo. i have the sliding pants that has the insert for a cup but..i lost my cup! haha and it isnt smart to play with out a cup..i DO hope to have kids one day and not wearing a cup can possibly prevent that..

i watched last thursdays episode of greys today and i was very satisfied..but it seem like izzy has TOO many secrets..its cool n all but like..ahhaha its always Somethin with her..overall a pretty good episode though. and then i watched runs house and man.. his daughters are..Phew! i'd date angela..and i dont evin support long distance..haha im an idiot.
so anyways

ANNYWAYS. i hit that shit all night, and then after i ..on her
i went down to the kitchen..fixed me a couple sammiches or somethin..with Extra mayo..rrrrr pissin me off! hahahahhaha
incase your not familiar with what i was reciting above ^

that shits so funny..
so yeah..
rock music has been in somewhat of a slump lately.. cartel-chroma, killers-sams town, fall out boy-infinity on high., motion city-commit this to memory, and blink 182-" " are getting a LITTLE bit old..
panic, motion city, cartel, annd a few others need to hurry up with the creative and recording process and release some new ear candy..because the old stuff's..gettin old. haha.  and ive come to realize that well..as much as i liked them..taking back sunday isnt as hot as they were to me 2 years ago..man0man in o5..they were like Godly..hahahahha and now its like..eh..stop whining..but i still like em. but there not in favorite status anymore.
fav status consists of...the killers and fall out boy.

so theres this song by ghostface killah! called
Alex (stolen script)
tells this story about how he or alex? had the idea for the ray charles movie. and he presented it and shopped the script and got tha approval from ray charles himself.. and in the process of presenting it..his script was stolen.
the song is hott shit..doom did the beat..shit sounds soundtrackish

-Remember that Ray shit that Jamie Foxx played? That was my shit
I never got paid, they got rich off a stolen script
In ninety eight I seen Charles on the Cali strip
Showed him the copyrights, his life in the real flick
In Braille, he read it in no time
Hit me with his math, said I'll give you some more lines
Real talk, stand up dude
Said how you like Jamie Foxx to replay you? He said yea that's cool
But under one circumstance, you think he can bow my walk, flip my talk and my hands?
I said sure why not, he can imitate anything trust me this young boy hot
Shook his hand then I bounced in the limo
Grabbed my cell, bit my cigar and then rolled down the window
Contacted Stony Brook and Roberts
Told them we got it in ten ?, yo Ray Ray signed it
Now we can move on and shoot this live shit
With mad options, Paramount and DreamWorks we shop it
Or Mandalay and New Line cop it
I go and get ten mil' and blow it on the independent market
But anyway down in PF Chains, I had a meeting with this rich investor
Said they'll throw twenty million on the kid's film only if he chose the cast
He was drunk, he was talkin' real fast
So I test his mouth, laid back then I put him on blast
Where exactly we gon' get this cash?
I gotta ill Gotti Gigante connect
Wise guys that kill Bulotti, catching bodies, earnin' respect
The waiter came in a dropped off the shrimp fried rice he ordered
I said thanks as he poured my water
Then out came the veggie rolls, sesame chicken and mint tea
Rice wine had me wanting to pee
Said excuse me I'll be right back, pardon me
Grabbed his glass and he nodded to me
Skated off to take a piss, the shit felt like a nut
Got back the dude vanished, briefcase, script, and all
Ask the waiter where he go, the motherfucker spoke Spanish-

your a tard if you read that..hahahahhaah nah jp..you should download the song sucka. ya dig?

Annnyways.. my brothers getting married may 12th i guess america....
and i dont support...i dont feel he loves her in the way of marriage..im Sure he loves her..i mean theyve been together since 94..but he shure as shit aint In love with her..shit dont make no sense..i feel thaat....he doesnt see any other way out
being that hes 30 now..i think he feel that he HAS to settle..publically..
hes been cheatin on this chic since...i dont evin KNOW how long..it just aint right. but i think hes also doing it so she dont take his seeds (daughters) away..and that aint right either...
i remember a couple months ago when he was for reallly real debating it and he asked my parentals what they thought he should do..and they gave him the cold shoulder (sry babe, we don' know what to tell ya..) they know DAMN well he shouldnt do it if he aint in love with her man. but they like her..i know they do damnit. i mean that would have been a BIG influence on his decision to follow thru with it because well..i told him straight and i KNOW our sisters have told his ass str8..which is ALMOST but not enough as a parental influence.. so yeah..
may 12th. and i found out last week that im in it??????
when i agree to that shit!????
but i wana wear a tux again..i feel...-pretty- in one. hahaahhaha i want a thin one..you know like those young business type folks that have the fitted suits where the shoulders arent WAY out there and they dont look all BUFF n shit...

so anyways...hmmmm im still laying here on the sac..typing my life away.
last nights..(this mornings) blog i typed on my bed..on the ibook g4! haha the battery was burnin my ass up! but when you have the urge or the thoughts..you gotta churn em out..i cant wait for 2 years..when i'll go back n read this..
cuz every now n then i read back to my past posts. and well..i like to do it..i dont know how it makes me feel but..i like going back n reading that shit..

so cliff calls me yesterday just as im getting out of class and hes like 'aye fool, remember that one fool with the long hair, that carried the man purse around?' im like..'DAAAAAAMN! i remember the kid but Cant remember who he was!!!!!' and he was like 'ya, that fool took his life i guess last weekend' im like daaaamn yo....that really sucks..

i think it'd take alot to take a life being my own or someone elses..its sucha..-Permanent- decision your making..that comPletely isnt worth it..

anyways......i really wish that xbox 360 worked..i wana play baseball in GRAPHICS. hahahahahaha but frilz though..and madden...

i miss people..mainly just a few but there are others out there that cross my mind a little bit. just not as much as others...

ooh dude! this weekend was illish. friday i went to a hip hop show on charleston n 3rd..wtih my eldorado friends and i got a free pipe from some dudes on the stage..i was gona sell that shit for 20 dollers...20 bucks EZ but then i realized that i was my brother chris's birthday last week..so i gave it to him. he REALLLY appreciated it..that was prolly the most thoughtful gift ive given in a while...

and then earlier in the week tori contacted me about friday. her n J were goin to a 51's game and wanted me to go!!!!!! i appreciated the fact that they reached out to me. it was very nice..but i had practice and then prior plans..so i really couldnt..but still though man..haha
and then sat..was dank
but sunday. haha kims suprise party? kickback? whatev it was, was pretty fuckin successful it was me april alex josh kim marv Sean and Becca! and mike hartwell annd................................uhhh ashley and esteph....annd...i think that was it? nono! ky and his grl and buff ass fasil..hahaha it was an awesome get together. very fun..

so now this blog is so long its out of control..i doubt anybodys read all this way
its so uninteresting i just took a look at it..hahahah

thanks for reading? if you did..

til next time!
stay black

piece up

yeah, so..its 4.24.07 at 4:19 am

and im blogging..because im awake and i sleep isnt really in the -repertoire- so yeah..
im lieing here watching fresh prince season one. this keeps me -sane-?
ooh dude!

a new thing of mine...the "-phrase/word-" when you see the "-...-" then thats fort of a fill in the blank thing..so instead of sounding cliche in some situations. i add those to indicate that you can put anything btwn those --'s that means the same as whatev word i put in there...bleh haha its a new thing..just to show that im not TRYING to be -cliche,corny,cheap,cheesy,fake- in some situations..im just using tha word to keep the flow going instead of thinking up a more clever/brilliant/poetic word for the situation.........

ok so anyways im growing less n less satisfied with the way my life be..here in vegas..only for employment reasons.. "maybe im not applying myself" yeah fuck you too.
sorry. but idono..i just wana see what things are like in ny..just because I want to. i dont care if life's harder there or whatever negative there is to say about it..I wana experiance it..on my own. because im dan and i do what i want..fck...

i wana wake up tomoro. and have a job. be done with and passed school for the semester. have my car paid off... and just..be able to support myself successfully with no struggle..FUCK struggle.
it isnt making me any stronger.. my -drive-morale has been killed.. it started with apple..
i was on TOP...and my shit was just kicked down smashed shitted on and then ridiculed with a rejection letter..and then booted from hollister. and then nothing but unsuccess from every employer since...the list grows. and i lost it when i reformatted my pc..what is it about me that they dont like man...like really? i DO seem interested, i do seem comfortable..i seem confident but not cocky, i answer there questions right. i smile. i dont come on too strong. wtf?

anyways.i need a cam..and the Sony DSC-T20 just came out..and i NEEEED it

^isnt it gorgeous?

yeah i put off the sony a100..for reasons that i am unemployeed..so i turned it into a goal..and from a goal into a plan. while i was getting my hair cut the last time. my barber asked my sis.
"so angie..what are your goals now?" she sayd 'eh..i dont make goals anymore..just plans' and i admired that..
what is a goal? a goal is an uphill climb. and if its long term....heh thats a journey at sea with a compass but no set destination.... just an estimate. i dont like goals myself because its just something to hope for..a plan is something you can set and work on the second you set it..

and another thing i learned..came this weekend
at estephs house for kims party.. we were watching children of men..and this guy says something in the context of -faith is no good if life makes its own decisions' something in that context but the way it was worded and spoken..had much more power to it.
i dont like faith myself..yes..its good to have faith but what happens when your faith has been crushed..and then kicked and stepped on and being dragged everytime your interviewd and not called back....

anyways haha

im Dan america
and i love you. if your reading this..your cool
thank you. i wrote this for you if you know me somewhat personally.
i hope you enjoyed what ive decided to express/share for the time being..
til the next blog

keep it -Funky Fresh- eh?
well alright then!

piece outroz G

3 in one day??

there must be..aLOT on my mind.
but im sittin here on the sac again.
and i want to write a short story..
about a kid named kurt..
but i dont want the typical love story.. i dont evin want love involved
its so easy to write about..
i wish i could go back to freshman year when i wrote the -stupid stories-
it was SO easy..i hadn' hit anny level of maturity when i was writing those stories
they were the DEFINITION of random...i think im gona go look for one and scan it in...
hold on..
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
like that.. but just NOT. i wrote that shit somewhere btwn 8th grade and freshman year..idono
haha i want to write a good story about kurt..whered the name come from?
well im still random in most areas..but anyways i want to destroy him but still show that hes human..
kinda like spiderman?

ok down to the real reason im here........
.....this feels like a forced blog......

i quit

Thursday, April 12, 2007

ill share with you

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
if that seems depressive. i apologize. haha thats just what came out!..

Saturday, April 7, 2007

the Dreaded Dry-Spell

its been over a month around todayish? maybe a few days ago or a few days ahead of today..
damn man!
the shits weak!
but good..

since -
blehitsdano (11:44:33 PM): november 12, 2006
10:15ish to 10:35ish
virgin no more

yeah i im'd myself after i did it!
ill have that frever. hahaha yeah im an idiot..
but anyways....
since that day..
i didnt go 2 weeks w.o college level hooking up..
my classification: hs hook up - making out maybe a lil more
college hook up - sex. haha
so yeah..
i couldnt go 2 weeks w.o doin the dirt and i had no remose that it was with 2 diff. people..i didnt
basically becuase i waited to long to lose it..i didnt care when/where/who i got it from..thats exaggerated a little. but yeah..sometimes i'd do it with those 2 ppl in the same week...Wowzer..thats..uncool to me..i aint no damn player or gigalo.. but shit i was man...its a shame.
well while all that was goin on..things got plain..it was just sex with the same 2 ppl..and it was that way from nov to march...
the Beginning of march i did the Worse thing not EVERR but..just not me..
this female pushes me to hangout... soo...im gona post the convo..

whats the crossstreets?
call me and tell me

----------------- Original Message -----------------
From: Heavy D(an)
Date: Feb 26, 2007 6:04 PM

424 Martha st, 89110 ! hit it uuup

----------------- Original Message -----------------
Date: Feb 26, 2007 6:01 PM

well you wanna go now? or in like 1/2 hour
----------------- Original Message -----------------
From: Heavy D(an)
Date: Feb 26, 2007 5:57 PM

hahhaha your killin me doll. but ill let you drive my car..it isnt that far from my casa. and ive' no life! so when your free. im Prolly free. haha..unless im hangin with someone. but i dono! cuz i dont plan much..

----------------- Original Message -----------------
Date: Feb 26, 2007 5:53 PM

we could do that... can i drive your car lol.. but i dunno where you live...
plus im working random times all this weekend...
----------------- Original Message -----------------
From: Heavy D(an)
Date: Feb 26, 2007 5:49 PM

haha yeah dude..theres one like 30 seconds away from my house!  you should come over here  and we'll drive there..ya?  haha just kiddin..if your not down then that's NOO prob.  what about this weekend!?

----------------- Original Message -----------------
Date: Feb 26, 2007 5:47 PM

hey i am close to that
how far do you live from there?

..you should just drive to my house and we can roll in 1 car..not that a mile or so makes much of a difference anyways lol

----------------- Original Message -----------------
From: Heavy D(an)
Date: Feb 26, 2007 5:43 PM

its on trop n maryland..
i just dont wana drive down there again.

----------------- Original Message -----------------
Date: Feb 26, 2007 5:37 PM

you should come with me to get popeyes... or something.. as soon as i figure out where it is..

----------------- Original Message -----------------
From: Heavy D(an)
Date: Feb 26, 2007 5:30 PM

theres a popeyes right by your house..i just forgot where
and yeah. theyre the samee!
and i really dono what im eating..i kinda want chicken though

----------------- Original Message -----------------
Date: Feb 26, 2007 5:27 PM

no they arent..lol...

hmm..where is popeyes anyways?
what are you eating?
----------------- Original Message -----------------
From: Heavy D(an)
Date: Feb 26, 2007 5:25 PM

strips/fingers..same thing luv

----------------- Original Message -----------------
Date: Feb 26, 2007 5:23 PM

popeyes has chicken fingers?

----------------- Original Message -----------------
From: Heavy D(an)
Date: Feb 26, 2007 5:15 PM

dude popeyes!!!!!!

----------------- Original Message -----------------
Date: Feb 26, 2007 5:07 PM

i really want some chicken fingers for some reason... do you kno of any deli's that are open still..
or anywhere with chicken fingers lol

----------------- Original Message -----------------
From: Heavy D(an)
Date: Feb 26, 2007 4:53 PM

same same..and hungry too..

----------------- Original Message -----------------
Date: Feb 26, 2007 4:43 PM

nothing really
i just got home too...im hungry but..
im probably gonna take a nap or something

life is kinda boring right at the molment

thats how it went down..i didnt want to at 1st..but i gave in..im nice..

so she came over..at like 6 30? and we ate n shit at my house..
and we hung..
10 o clock rolls around....
my parents go to bed around 10, so the house is pretty much mine man...bleh
so i say to her..whelp if you gots shit ta do tomoro..yi know. i dun' wana keep you out late. and she says nah i gots nothin to do..
so i say..iight then......and one thing lead to another as the night progressed..
and we hooked up..
b4 we did it she asked me if i liked her..i SERIOUSLY had that good bad angel thing goin on...the good -'dude no! be real about it!! frilz!' and the other was just liek..'give it to her easy son'
so i was like 'yeah..but i am not in no position to have a gf right now..and she said somethin in the area of  'well we can work on that'..

and then she came over like 3 nights later..and it all happened again...
but at the end of the night she was like 'Call me!' i said maybe! ill txt if anything!
it really wasnt her..ask around man. who do i call? shit nobody man..i txt if anything and thats like 5 ppl?
so i was like shit..that could turn ugly..
we didnt talk for about a week?
and my friend that knew her comes over and was like dude..so whats the story with you n her?? i told her everything that happened..

and she tells me, that she told her, a whole diff. story and that i pressured her? n what not. iono. i dont evin care i know for DAMN sure i asked her assurance
she said no! and stuff kept happening so i asked again and she said yes.
i asked again. are you SURE cuz im not gona do this if your gona regret it or anything. she said no she wont, its ok.
im not THAAT stupid..

so i was like fuck it man..she can tell ppl what she wants. but to those who actually know me! know it didnt go down like that.
i build my trust with my friends so when situations like that and other shit goes on..they know wtf..

so its whatever! and a group event comes up and guess who happens to be goin out that night also..to the same location as us..

so i go up to her. i give her a hug.
i dont do that akward nonsense...its a waste. so i gave her a hug and said whats up n stuff. and she was shady as shit! so i was like ok. thats the end. thats it.
and my friend that knew her goes n says hey..and she tells her that she just wants to forget it all happened..
shit that works for me man..
the end..

i evaluate that whole situation..and thats the most typical thing ive ever done..
and thats just not me man..im better then that..
so in the midst of all that..i was just like man..shit aint right...
and i hook up with the person i lost it to like a week after that......
i couldnt evin get it up to her man...sorry if you didnt wana hear that detail........but that is just like a slap in the face...nah fuck that.
thats a kick in the nuts..i was just like man...wtf am i evin doing this for..so after that i was just like man..no more!
no more..its been a month..and im Sufferinn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

but i gota tame the monster..cuz mosta the ppl that knew what was goin on..not encouraged it..but were ok with it..NOTHING AGAINST them but..damn. haha can i get a slap on the hand? i was wrong! i was a monster man..i dont regret nothin..im glad it all happened cuz if i hadn realized what the eff i was doin..i'd end up hurtin somebody..and thats not me! soo.....
the monster has been tamed for a month..and its like king kong after whats her name got stolen...RAGE!!!!! hahahhaha oh man...shit..

im not a slut anymore

this blog is nuts..thanks for reading...i may make this a private one if i dont feel comfortable with you folks reading..
we'll see!

Thursday, April 5, 2007


it aint all of em..
but Damnit.
these are the ones i'd think of and felt were worth saving..

Dirty Dan
Danni Raye
Still Dan, Still Dangerous
Still Dan, Still Dirty
Half Dan, Half Amazing
Half Dan, Most Amazing
Dan, the One n Only
Dan the Internationally known
Dan the Barbaric
Oreo - (n):Danny Ray
Dastardly Dan (does it again),(does his dirtiest)
the Dan of Steel
Thats Dantastic!
the Dan-O
Dan-O's Advocate
Dan is what we Aim for
living for your laugh
Oreo Overload
Dan the Almighty
the Oreo Disaster
dan is as serious as m&m's and jogging.
Dan Hath no Fury
Villainous Dan
Danny Do-Right
Very Dan(tastic)
So Dan
Danny Blanco
Dans Anatomy
dan did da dirty
Danny Ray is Finding Forever
Disco Dan
the Great Danbino
Dan: the Great guy
Dan is on Demand
iPod Dan
Paparazzi Dan
Digital Dan
The Quick and The Dan
Colossus Dan
Dan the Destroyer
Chameleon Dan
Mind your Danners
Maniac Dan
Global Dan the Wu-Master
Dan: Metaphor for Cool
Dan - the Metaphorical Maniac
Dan fights off Dragons
Dan: Got more names then a Spy
Dan : the..Garbage Gut
Uncle Dan
Mr. Dansome
Mista(h) Danny Ray
Ol' Danny Bastard
Heavy D(an)
Killa D
D Money$
D Nasty
the Infamous Dan
Danosaurus Rex
Dan goes Acoustic
Kuya Dan
Dan by Day
1/2 Dan 1/2 Amazing