Monday, January 16, 2006

yepp. blog entry

has been.....blay. yeah blay. like...just..blay not exciting. no other expression can describe it other then blay..i needta drive so i can get out. but that wont happen til l8r this year. like summer. i got that confirmation when i drove home from votech n did a good job. so yeah. anyways..i dont really know what to write anymore. i like lost my inspiration to just type whats on my mind..............i hit da mall in my white tee o i think they like me. or they like my diamonds cuz they shine so brightly.

SO cliche'. when i think of the word myspace..the word cliche' comes to mind america.i know you know this. but its not on YOUR mind right now is it? hah blam gotcha bitch. haha anyways...i need some new music. im downloading motion city soundtrack..i hope i can get into them.i havent really had enough of fall out boy. panic at the disco. kanye west. killers. and taking back sunday..i just need somethin new yeah? i mean fall out boy n Panic! i cant really learn those songs..just there catchy chorus's. and killers n tbs. i know the words n all there just kinda old now..its time for a new cd from both!!!. and kanye...pfft ive outplayd that fool. but ill still bump.

haha anyways!!!!!! cliche' thats a pretty cool ass word. i was all watching oceans 12 and the dude was all talking to brad pits chic (catherine zeta. kristin looks like her) and at the end of the convo hes all "and tell him that the whole Sexy Assistant is SO cliche' " and he hangs up. and some sexy chic dressed in like nothing comes up and is like "need anything" and hes all 'yes baby a coke please?" haha that was like so awesome to me i dont know just made me chuckle.......

i wana make moves..i think that is what i want to do in life.. i dont really know how to get hella into that. but i wana make moves.from being in them to making the shits.. it's really been on my mind lately too. i dont really know what that requires to be the bigtime. but i'd like to make good money doing what i like and i like making movies...i think i could continue but im not sure if i want to. l8