Saturday, September 23, 2006

runaway love

its 208 and im blogging..why? no spacific reason. im tired and not alone..uh
this song "runaway love" by ludacris..its so beautiful.. this is danny ray's world. a car, a job and my balls..
and then you have family and friends.. im sitting here. staring at my 19 inch, liquid crystal display (lcd) suckaface.
i wana be someone diff. for a day...
someone that has a shitty life and is depressed..just a then i can say ive walked in there shoes..hell or evin someone with nothing but money and no happiness.. or maybe someone whos on top of the almost there. im think i only need one thing to put me on the know how that goes america. haha. yeh..blah
blog-online journal-entertainment for the outside world that wonders-timekiller-hobby-part of life-a place to just type.
why would i randomly insert that? pff. why do i do have the stuff i do thats random? because!
runaway love, na na na
i think i might have lost my phone america..i dont really know..
tonight sucked actually after work..
i dono what happened it just did. i got home
reese was parked in the driveway so i couldnt get in, i had no way of getting a hold of anyone to maybe hang tonight,nothing was on tv, there was no activity on myspace, everyone was one to evin talk mc donalds sucked..the frys most def werent cooked and my hot n spicy...just wasnt what it was..
after i was finished eating..i was sitting watching tv and i just..seen myself in the same place..for the next few years to come. that would have been depressing if i'd let it get to me that way. but i decided not to when my night took a sudden turn. i just told myself "shit like this happens to people everyday..its just my turn" so hopefully i'll wake up tomoro to a brighter and better day full of..something. dont really care what just as long as it doesnt turn out like tonight. haha so yeh..i dont really want to go to sleep..i would actually like for..eff it. haha and yeh..i wish i had some cream soda jelly bellys at the moment..goh. i wonder how many words ive typed in my lifetime..i think it'd at LEAST be in the billions..nah eff that it isss! haha random..tantrum..ahah. yeh...
my hairs an ugly mess.
i miss people

Saturday, September 16, 2006

people ask.. (--this blog makes no sense to me..--)

what the meaning of life is.....
im not the knower of all, or god anything..
but life...
fuck life. it isnt something you figure cant define life..
life: is
thats it
life is life. you live it.
thats life in general.
YOUR life. thats something YOU figure out and YOU live it the way you hope it goes. but there is NO way in hell your gona know whats gona happen tomoro. thats not life.
shit happens on a day to day basis.
it isnt gona stop for anything. its not hard to learn at all. its just obvious.
shit may happen tomoro..shit may not happen until everything is going perfectly. or it could happen at the hardest of times. but its gona happen and your gona have to live with it. theres just no other way..i mean sure you can cry to mother. she'll always be there right? day she wont..some dont realize that. im off subjectish..this blog is pointless..but i see/hear people ask
"whats the meaning of life" or "i cant figure out my life". there aint nothin to figure out man. you have major things and small things. if any of those things are bad,pointless,bland,hard. fix it. WAY easier said then done. hell not tooo many things are HARD to do. unless you make it.. BUT! your only human right? ov course. we all are. we all make mistakes and life goes on.

im cutting this blog short/ive run out of thru typing this blog. i feel asif this may offend some..who? i dont know. it isnt aimed at anyone in general america. but it shouldnt offend.
it isnt structured at all..neither is my mind. haha anyways.
i may delete this sometime tomoro..depends on how i feel about it l8r.

its 9-23-06 and i say fuck this!